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Fence Stain & Sealer | Semi Transparent: UNKNOWN COLOR FIX
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Cream of the crop. Not only is this the best stain I’ve ever used, the customer service and professionalism is second to none. Refreshing to know good companies like this still exist. I’m 53 and I have never written a review before but I am so pleased with this product that I had to send some praise. If you want the best look no further.
Fence Stain & Sealer | Semi Transparent: Slate Gray
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Used slate stain on cedar At first I was optimistic that the customer had chosen slate (gray) on cedar. However once completed it was absolutely amazing. My customer was 💯 % satisfied. Also during the application it started to downpour (not forecasted) and we stopped the project. Honestly I was nervous thinking I would need to redo the next day. To my amazement the stain was untouched and looked like it never rained. Thank you
Fence Stain & Sealer | Semi Transparent: Cedar
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Best stain on the market. Wonderful stain and easy to use. I had so many favorable comments on this stain. My builder asked me to send details of such to him so he could recommend it to his clients. You wont go wrong with this stain
Fence Stain & Sealer | Semi Transparent: PECAN
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Best stain I have ever used. Fantastic. When you paint the stain on it all absorbs into the wood so you don’t have to worry about trips or over staining. Even a second coat Soaks right into the wood.
CoryFence Stain & Sealer | Semi Solid: Slate
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Excellent. We had a good experience using the product. But, it didn't really end there. The service this company exhibits is top-notch. We really appreciate the fast shipping, support, and kindness you have shown. Thanks and Jesus bless
Fence Stain & Sealer | Semi-Solid: Palomino
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GREAT PRODUCT. I really enjoyed the self-leveling aspect of the stain. It literally cut my time down by more than half! I can't wait to get more jobs under my belt with products from Expert Woodcare !
Wood Cleaner | Stain Lifter
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Great Results with Wood Cleaner. Great product —people thought I had stripped and restained with a lighter color and all we did was “ clean “ the wood and also use a light brush technique and very low pressure!
Fence Stain & Sealer | Transparent
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Best stain on the Market This is the best stain I've ever used BY A LONG SHOT. From the ease of application to the absolutely beautiful silky appearance it's just what the doctor ordered. On top of that, EWC goes out of their way to help educate and train the contractors who serve the exterior stain market. You know you're actually protecting the wood because it's not just sitting on the surface. And finally no harsh odor whatsoever, in fact it has a sweet, almost organic smell. If I'm staining, I'm using SSE.
Fence Stain & Sealer | Semi Transparent: Chestnut
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Great product. This stain is simply awesome!!! So easy to apply and its self leveling makes runs a thing of the past! You now have a customer for life!!!

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