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Real Good

Stains Defined

5 Transparent Colors

For fences, decks, hardwood,
siding & cedar shakes

Perfect for light traffic

Available in 1 & 5 gallon pails

1-Year Warranty

4 oz sample pots now available

5 Semi-Transparent Colors

For fences, decks, siding,
cedar shakes & log homes

Accommodates light
to medium traffic surfaces

Available in 1 & 5 gallon pails

2-Year Warranty

4oz sample pots now available

9 Semi-Solid Colors

For weathered fences,
decks, siding & log homes

Accommodates medium
to high traffic surfaces

Available in 1 & 5 gallon pails

3-Year Warranty

4oz sample pots now available

3 Semi-Transparent Colors
with Citronella Oil

For fences, decks, siding
& log homes

Repels wood boring insects

Available in 5 gallon pails

2-Year Warranty

4oz sample pots now available

Conditioning oils sink deep down to protect & beautify

Expect real performance year after year. EXPERT Stain & Seal is designed for long-lasting, beautiful protection. Our proprietary blend of premium-quality oils and pigments uses fewer toxins, providing a deep penetrating protection resulting in ultra-low VOCs and lower, long-term gas-off levels.

Extend wood’s life and beauty effortlessly with EXPERT Stain & Seal.

A real smart,
safe choice

EXPERT Stain & Seal offers real application benefits – an ultra-low VOC formula that won’t drip, run, or leave lapmarks. Easily re-apply without any scraping, stripping, or sanding. Plus, our easy-to-follow steps make clean-up a breeze.

Make the safe, smart choice in oil-based wood stains with EXPERT Stain & Seal.

Real performance, guaranteed

EXPERT Stain & Seal guarantees to perform under real-world conditions. All our stains are guaranteed to stand up against low to high foot traffic. Our high-traffic performance-based semi- solid stain offers the best manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 3-years. While our medium-traffic, semi-transparent stain stands up with our 2-year warranty. And for those ultra-low traffic vertical surfaces, try our 1-year guaranteed, transparent, oil-based stain.

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*All EXPERT Stain & Seal products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Up to 3-Years – Transparent comes with a 1-Year warranty. Semi-Transparent stains have a 2-Year warranty. Semi-Solid stains are guaranteed for 3-Years. All warranties are subject to proper application processes, as outlined on product label instructions. Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions will render the warranties null and void, in some cases. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer for details.

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